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And yeah, I know that it has a negative connotation.  I'll explain later.

So I'm still in France right now, (using my Gran's WiFi :D) and I'm back in Lille.  Arrived back from Paris today on a TGV.  Anyway, we were staying at this hotel in Paris called Le Cardinal and yesterday in the evening the TV was on and the adverts came on and then this advert came up for 'Le Nuit Manga' on Saturday at 10pm, and I recognized Blue Exorcist and Attack on Titan*(need to explain later) and the little kid Rin said (in French, obviously) "Papa, why am I different from all the other kids?"  And I was just like, wtf, that voice.  So different from the English dub XD.  And when Attack on Titan (they called it L'Attaque des Titans) showed, I got so excited coz I've only read the manga XD.

And then my mum was like, "This is ridiculous, having cartoons on for a whole night, who would even watch that?"

And in my head I went, 'Me'

And then my sister said, "Aah, it's okay because only drunkards and druggies will watch that stuff."

And I cringed inside my head XD

And the second time the advert came on, I payed attention because I hadn't caught the date.  And that time I saw a blue haired girl with two pigtails, who I think is Ha-something Miku from either Sailor Moon or Vocaloid (just looked it up, it's Vocaloid and her name is Hatsune Miku XD)

And my mum asked if I wanted to watch it.

My genius (not) reply was "Am I allowed to?"
And it turns out that I am, if I really want to, and if I'm not too tired.

But anyway, so now I can't wait for Saturday because I really want to watch Blue Exorcist as it will help my French (and listening to their voices will be fun XD) and Attack on Titan

Okay, now for my explanation about Attack on Titan.  :icon0stoneheart0: said it was really good and that I should read/watch it.  At least, I think she did.

Anyway, so I did.  I pulled an all-nighter reading the manga up to Chapter 58.

And in the afternoon I was so tired my mum told me to go sleep coz I kept yawning (she thought I'd slept) so I slept from around 1 to 2.

And I had a nightmare about being in a little cottage house, and suddenly the roof was ripped off by a Titan, and then others came and my friend got eaten.  And then they looked at me and I knew I was gonna get eaten too.  Then I woke up.  I just felt so helpless TT_TT because I couldn't even help my friend.

Never pulling an all-nighter again XD
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Yeah, I was writing a story and I stopped for a break... And it just happened to reach that total... So I took a picture XD
Lame much

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